Oderberger Str. 56

Berlin–Prenzlauer Berg, 2008

Mischen Possible

1 Financial model
Modified Baugruppe. 50% rental, 50% owner occupied.
2 Varied unit area
Residential spaces 30-128 m2. Smaller units can be joined to larger units. Commercial spaces 5-54m2.
3 Varied volumes
Ceiling heights vary 2.27-5.20m. Except for two studios, double height spaces face south.
4 Varied use
Commercial: basement workshop, shop, café and mini-gallery. First floor studios: rental work space, short term residential. Apartments: mixture of rental and owner occupied apartments, guest room.

The complex internal structure corresponds to the complexity of the surrounding city. In contrast to residential developments that capitalize on the richness of this urban context, but house only a single use themselves, this project proposes an internal urbanism that actively contributes to the continuing evolution of the city as meeting place.

Status: completed 2010

1. Preis KFW-AWARD 2010, zum Thema Europäisch Leben - Europäisch Wohnen, Mut zur Lücke

Deutscher Bauherrenpreis, Neubau 2012, Hohe Qualität, tragbare Kosten im Wohnungsbau

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